We offer a range of DIY cleaning products, as well as provide professional cleaning services.


Some of our cleaning services:

Swimming pools:

Our team has years of installation and renovation experience and are able to assist with repairs and renovation services of your pool.

We offer:

  • Swimming pool maintenance: Pumps / Filters
  • Pump replacement
  • Filter sand supply and replacement
  • Filter repair/ replacement
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Tiles / Liners
  • Pool tiling / repairing
  • Pool liners installation
  • Tile deep cleaning

New Installations

  • Spa / hot tub supply and installation
  • Swimming pool design /creation/ installation

Swimming pool treatments:

Your sparkling clean swimming pool can be achieved by our two step pool treatment plan consisting of :

  1. Removing unwanted dirt and foreign debris from the pool by means of brushing, netting and vacuum.
  2. Maintaining an optimal chemical balance of the swimming pool water to ensure a sparkling ,blue swimming pool by using affordable, yet high quality pool chemicals and changing filter sand when required.

A regular swimming pool maintenance programme can help to prevent swimming pool problems and avoid pool water problems like green water. Regular professional pool maintenance will save you Thousands of Rands in the long run.